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About This Site

The people inspiring this web site

I have always thought about and looked for ways to help others. As I got older, I really wanted to find something that I could do that would also involve my children. I wanted to teach them the importance of giving rather than receiving. Shoving my old stuff into trash bags to deliver to Goodwill did not feel like I was doing enough. I looked online to possibly adopt a family and was told that I could donate but not actually meet the family. I wanted my children to get involved and see first-hand that they can make a difference.

Last Christmas I heard a story about 3 children whose mother was in the hospital as a quadriplegic requiring a mechanical ventilator to breathe. Their mother was beaten so badly by their father that he actually broke her neck. The children were also abused by their father for years and were taken away from their home and sent to foster homes because of the unsafe environment.

At that time, they were living with their grandmother who was very upset because she could not provide Christmas gifts for the kids. Many people got together, including my co-workers and friends and we dropped off a bunch of presents for under the tree. I was actually very surprised at the number of people who were willing to come forward to help people they had never met. When we took the presents to the house we met the three younger children; Edward, Summer, and Kaitlyn.

Well, to make a long story shorter... this is where the relationship began. We have spent a lot of time with the children over the past 6 months. They have spent many weekends at our house and we have gotten to know them really well. They have become part of our extended family and this has been one of the best experiences for our entire family.

We shared their story with our friends and family to see if others wanted to help. Along with the generosity of others we have been able to treat the children to a shopping spree at target, Valentine's Day Baskets, Easter Baskets, Birthday parties, gifts, and several outings including Chuck E. Cheese and Last month we were able to take them for their first trip to Disneyland.

The very sad part to their story is that their mother passed away in February. The father is in prison in Texas where he belongs.

Even though these children have been through more torment than anyone can possibly imagine, they are really great kids. They now live with their Uncle & Aunt who came to their rescue and have opened their home to them. They have two children with another baby on the way. As you can imagine the cost of raising 6 children is tremendous. We have set up a trust fund for these children so they can have a better future than their past.

This is how I came up with the concept for this site. The concept fulfills my lifetime dream of helping others, and allows thousands of others to reach out to other families. Especially in our current economic condition where we continue to hear stories of foreclosures, poverty, high unemployment rates and even tragic stories of depression leading to suicide.

What if you could be responsible for clothing a child that is cold and watch the child wear the jacket, Give food to a family and watch them smile, make any difference in someone else's life that otherwise does not have a lot of hope. We all sit around listening to stories and think it is so sad but how could we possibly make a dent in the current situation. This site will allow PEOPLE TO CONNECT WITH PEOPLE in a loving, unselfish way. All I can say is that nothing will make you feel better than putting a smile on a face that otherwise would not be there.