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Spotlight Families

A Spotlight family is a family that has had to endure additional hardship and can really benefit from extra support. We will change the family as needed. You can fill out a contact form if you want to suggest a family. Let's all get together and do what we can!

Samtika - Far Rockaway, NYHelp this family


I am 35 years old a mother of 3 kids and is 6 months now as I write this I lost my better have on oct 20 2012 in a car crash I have been affect by sandy since oct 29 ,2012 lost my mom car in the flood and have been without heat and hotwater and lights ever sinces looking to move hoprfully im not woking due to my fibermyagia but hoping to get back on my feet soon . My family and I are trying to keep it together I know with some help it will hslp my kids and I . So if you can help my family in any way please due so thanks in advance


baby cloths for new born and any baby tstuff crib bottles cloths for a 5 year old size 5 size14 for a 12 year old girl shoe size 9 the 5 yerat old shoe size 11 and 32 young men for my soon to be 18 years old shoe size 9 1/2 med shorts for men

Danielle - Tustin, CAHelp this family


These are Danielle's 8 year old twin boys. She is the sweetest person in the entire world and would give you the shirt off her back. She is always trying to help people and one of the loving people I know.

In the last two years Danielle has been sick and unable to work. Not only are they down to one income but the medical bills and the expenses have pilled up so high that she is in real need of help herself.

If you can donate any items to her children It would be greatly appreciated!


updated 11/22:

Boys are wearing size 8 but getting close to a size 10. They need light jackets and PJ's.

The boys would love a Spy Car made by Spy Wear. They love all the spy gear stuff - anything would be greatly appreciated:)

Boys wear size 7-8 or small in the boys section.

They enjoy all kinds of sports, movies, coloring, etc.

Thank you.
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Michele - Vineland, NJHelp this family


In September 2012 I underwent a huge change that dramatically changed my life as well as my family. At a very young age my mother and father separated, left me with a single mom and a deadbeat dad. Soon after I was being raised by my mother and stepfather. I was living in a household filled with all types of abuse ranging from physically, mental, verbal and even sexual. It took years for me to finally take a stand and say something to anyone. I had attempted suicide twice and it was soon after where I couldn't take it anymore that I ran away from home and took myself to the hospital. I ended up in Rye hospital in New York. Finally reached out to my aunt from New Jersey. My aunt whom is a single mother with 2 children took me in as well as her other nephew. Court cases and trips from New York to New Jersey can get pricy. She's supporting 4 kids on the salary of a medical assistant. Things have been rough for us, bills are piling up and the refrigerator has found itself quite empty lately. My goals and dreams are being put on hold because survival mode has kicked in. I have been working on trying to obtain my masters in speech pathology, I'm at the point where it's school and accomplishing my goals or helping my aunt keep bills paid and food on the table. Before my aunt took in two others, her kids were in activities such as baseball and dance, there's two other people she's now supporting and she's finding it hard to keep her kids participating in their passions. I can't see her stressing over bills and how we're going to pay for our next meals. She's done so much to support and care for me within the last few months, and there's not much I can do to help her. I don't know what's my next step. I need help, advice or guidance. I hope you can help my family and I.


We need financial assistance, an affordable way to feed a household of five people on one budget. Advice,tips, prayers and guidance are welcomed as well.
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